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Golf Instruction

Players at all levels can work on improving their game all year long, regardless of the weather, in our indoor golf facility.

Instruction provided at Golf Science Center is built on years of study of the Golf Swing.

The Golf Science Center Instruction philosophy focuses on the individual golfer. We follow a four step process to develop an instruction plan based on player ability, player goals, and player advancement: Determine your near term and ultimate goals; Evaluate your golf skills; Develop a golf instruction plan; Evaluate your progress and modify instruction as necessary

  • All lessons will utilize the HD Golf Simulators
  • Side and rear cameras that capture your swing mechanics
  • Instant playback after each swing viewable on the simulator's large splt screen
  • Instructor can sketch diagram overview detailing correct postioning of body and club
  • Lesson swing videos are uploaded to a server that the student can access anytime from any internet connected device

Golf instruction utilizes specialized diagnostic tools built into the HD Golf™ Simulator that can analyze every part of a golfers swing in real-time. These tools provide:

  • Utilizes advanced computer vision technology to provide comprehensive and precise shot analysis
  • Instant detailed analysis after every swing – allowing players to quickly improve their shots
Instruction with side and rear viewInstructor's Overlay Sketch (Red Lines) of Preferred Body and Club Position

Obviously a golf instruction plan will be different for a beginner golfer than for an advanced player.

For a beginner golfer we will initially discuss your goals and knowledge of golf. We will assess you ability by observing your swing mechanics in the HD golf simulator. We will then discuss an instructional plan with you and evaluate your progress over time. Depending upon your progress we will alter the golf plan to assure you are learning at the correct pace for your ability.

For the more advance player we will discuss your golf experience and the part of your golf game you want to improve. We will evaluate your swing mechanics in the HD golf simulator and provide recommendations and instruction targeted towards your desired swing improvement.

Schedule a Lesson

To schedule a lesson please call (215) 279-7835.

Lesson plans and rates are contained on our Rates Page

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