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I have been a PGA Professional since 1995. I am a 2 time Player of the Year, Philadelphia Section and a 2 time winner of the Philadelphia Section Low Score Average. I have competed in 5 PGA Tour events and dozens of, formerly Nationwide Tour, events as well as qualifying in 8 National Club Pro Tournaments.

I have had lessons with some of the most renown teachers in the golf world. For the past ten years I have trusted my swing to the teachings of Christian Dahl.


I have known Chris for over a dozen years.  In that time, he has helped me tremendously with every aspect of my golf game.  His knowledge of the golf swing and the game in general is unsurpassed.  His scientific approach to building a fundamentally sound golf swing is ideal.

I have competed at every level of competition from mini-tour events to PGA Tour events.  Chris helped me to develop the game to get there.  I am confident in his ability to help any golfer, at any level.

Teaching professionals of Chris's caliber are few and far between.


Chris Dahl is an Authorized Stack & Tilt® Instructor. Chris is a valuable asset to our way of teaching and has assisted in many of our golf schools around the country.

I have complete trust in Chris in his knowledge of the golf swing. I would recommend him for a lesson with an absolute beginner all the way up to the touring professional.

Glenn Hansen – PGA Professional

As an Aspiring PGA Tour Professional, I work hard on all aspects of my game. I have been playing golf for over 22 years. Over the years I have had many golf lessons from various different instructors. Chris has been one the best I have worked with without question. Since I have started working with Chris I have seen my swing evolve day after day. Most importantly I have seen improvements after every lesson. The knowledge that Chris possesses is priceless. I trust him with my golf swing and with my dream to play on the PGA Tour.

Richard Vague - Philadelphia

I’ve been taking lessons off and on for twenty years – including from Top 100 teachers – and Christian is teaching me things about the golf swing I have never heard before. But when I watch YouTube videos of the very best PGA tour players, I can see they are the things I should have been taught all along. And when I get on the golf course, they work – extremely well. During the lessons you get to watch your own swing on video, which makes a huge difference. These lessons have changed my game.


I began playing golf in the summer of 2011 with what I thought was relative success. As a hockey player I found a way to hit the golf ball. My scores start improving and I felt pretty good about my game. But, I knew deep down that I didn't understand anything about the golf swing. Christian Dahl knows the golf swing. He understands mechanics and he can break down the swing and explain what you should feel and why. Using Christian's technique I have been able to swing correctly and minimize mistakes. Now when I hit a bad shot I can diagnose it myself and fix the problem. Christian is patient, conscientious and just really good at teaching the golf swing.

The Director of Golf at Golf Science Center is Christian Dahl. Christian has an extensive teaching background and work history in the golf Industry. Christian's background includes:

  • Head Teaching Professional, Forest Hill Field Club, Bloomfield, N.J
  • First Assistant Golf Professional, Commonwealth National Country Club, Horsham, PA.
  • First Assistant Golf Professional, Little Mill Country Club, Marlton, NJ
  • First Assistant Golf Professional, Deerwood Country Club, Westampton, NJ
  • First Assistant Golf Professional, Greenbriar at Whittingham, Monroe, N.J.

Christian is a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, Golf Academy of the Carolina's Campus, Myrtle Beach SC. with a degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management.